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Call for Debian 13 (trixie) artwork proposals #trixie #artwork

Submitted on 20 June 2024 00:55:00
By Jean-Pierre Giraud

MiniDebConf in Cambridge, UK - October 10-13 2024

Submitted on 12 June 2024 17:48:00
By Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana (phls)

MiniDebConf in Toulouse, FR - November 16-17 2024 and Call for Papers

Submitted on 12 June 2024 17:47:00
By Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana (phls)

MiniDebConf Belo Horizonte 2024 - a brief report

Submitted on 06 June 2024 21:42:00
By Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana (phls)

MiniDebConf 24 BH is underway, we will have the first Andreas' talk as DPL on Tuesday 19:30 GMT. Live stream is available at #debian #Brazil #miniDebConf

Submitted on 29 April 2024 23:08:00
By Carlos Henrique Lima Melara

The 2024 Belo Horizonte MiniDebConf starts tomorrow! Registration and volunter slots are still available. #debian #miniDebConf #Brazil

Submitted on 27 April 2024 00:52:00
By Donald Norwood

From IT wire we share an interview with Project Leader Andreas Tille : #debian

Submitted on 25 April 2024 19:11:00
By Donald Norwood

Congratulations to Andreas Tille our newly elected Debian Project Leader. #debian

Submitted on 20 April 2024 04:25:00
By Donald Norwood

MiniDebConf in Berlin is coming up in four weeks! Registering now will guarantee that you'll get a t-shirt. We are still looking for presentations, as well as sponsors for the event. More information at

Submitted on 18 April 2024 18:05:00
By Joost van Baal-Ilić

As Debian Backports do not offer Long Term Support (LTS), buster-backports is soon to be removed from the Debian Archive: #debian

Submitted on 17 April 2024 05:23:00
By Donald Norwood

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